Compass, Dresses, Lover; Gone

I’ll Be Fine
Once I had
Bluer eyes than all the tunes I write
But I wised up
And found that blue turned black over night
Some time ago
I’d have cried a river over you
Now I wipe
My tears away with lists of things to do
That’s what keeps me going
After all the floods I’ve almost drowned in
After all the mountains I’ve had to climb
After tripping and falling so many times
I know that in a few months, I’ll be fine
Once again
I tell myself that it’s all for the best
I’m like a bird
Free to fly but with no place to nest 
Soon enough
I’ll be on my wings and back on track
And with some luck
I won’t have to always look back
That’s what keeps me flying
After all the windows I’ve crashed into
After being hurled around in hurricanes
After breaking my feathers so many times
I know at least in one year , I’ll be fine
I know at least sometime
I’ll be fine

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